Saturday, 25 October 2008

Christian CND overnight vigil and daytime procession

26 – 27 October: Bell, Book and Candle. CCND supporting Trident Ploughshares’ ‘Big Blockade’. There will be an all-night vigil on Sunday 26th October at Tadley Gate, from 9pm until 7am on Monday 27th October.

At 7am there will be a procession round the base starting with a short liturgy. Bring bells, Scripture quotes on placards or Bibles, etc and candles or lanterns. At each gate there will be a stop for a rest and a liturgy so people can join at any time during the procession. Should finish at about 4pm with final prayers.

The idea is to support the blockade with a Ring of Prayer and to provide an alternative witness for those not wishing to take part in possibly arrestable actions. If you are coming for the prayer procession (or indeed, the blockade) and need accommodation see below for 27th October.

Leaflet (PDF document) Notes and timetable (Word doc)

A message of support from the Rt Revd the Bishop of Reading, Stephen Cottrell:

“How can we tell others not to possess something we are so keen not only to keep but also to upgrade? While the world needs investment to build a sustainable future we invest in bombs which only bring further instability to an already unstable world. The peace the world longs for can only be found beyond the futility of the arms race and in particular the horrors and waste of nuclear weapons. As the Anglican bishop serving Berkshire I look forward to the day when Aldermaston leads the world: not in making bombs but in decommissioning them; and I am happy to offer my support and prayers to all people of good will who want to build a sustainable world without the terror of nuclear arms.”

A message of support from the Very Reverend John A.R. Methuen, formerly Dean of Ripon:

"I have been involved with the anti-nuclear movement for many years and am now a member of the National Executive of Christian CND. I believe strongly that the various ills and woes of the world are all interlinked, so I am equally concerned about Greenpeace, War on Want, Christian Aid, World Wildlife Fund, Amnesty International and similar organizations because they all contribute to the peace movement and need to be seen as all part of a bigger picture. The cause against Trident replacement in particular and nuclear weapons generally seems to me to be unassailable and I gladly give my support to you and all those who are struggling for a better, more peaceful, more just and more secure world. With all my very best wishes and prayers."

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