Monday, 27 October 2008

2pm update

As we detail below, the blockade is well underway.

Photo CopyLeft 2008 J. Saunderson (please credit any reuse)

At 2pm the arrest count stands at 33, with those arrested taken to Newbury or Abdingdon. Nine people locked together with arm tubes managed to blockade the construction gate on the A340 for 5 hours; in the end they left over their own accord and were not arrested. A tripod was also erected on the A340; the police used scaffolding to remove this, after the road was blocked for 2 hours; 3 arrests were made. Currently the Rinky Dink is entertaining protesters at the Tadley Gate while a group of protesters (a Buddhist monk and nun, as well as people from Christian CND) have completed a procession around the entire boundary of the site.

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