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Aldermaston Big Blockade – Monday, October 27 2008

Help disrupt illegal work on WMD at Britain’s nuclear bomb factory

In 2006/7, Faslane 365 saw well over 1000 arrests during a year-long blockade of the Trident nuclear submarine base in Scotland. Last Easter, Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston saw its biggest demonstration in two decades as 5000 people surrounded the base to mark the 50th anniversary of the first London to Aldermaston march. Trident Ploughshares now invite you to a major blockade of the Berkshire nuke factory, where billions of pounds are currently being spent developing new warhead facilities that will scupper nuclear disarmament for another 50 years. Help us uphold international law by blockading this factory of death in what promises to be a colourful celebration of life and people power. There is a role for everyone, arrestable or non-arrestable, young or old. This event is supported by CND.

Practical info:

Meet in Reading from 1pm on Sunday, October 26 for training, briefings, vegan meal sharing and networking. Crash space provided. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you or anyone in your party needs a bed or has other specific needs.

We are urgently calling for:

- Affinity groups and individuals from the UK and overseas committed to non-violent direct action who are prepared to blockade (carries risk of arrest and conviction, most likely for the minor, 'non-recordable' offence of obstructing the highway). This could involve anything from sitting down in the road to more sophisticated plans designed to leave the police cutting teams scratching their heads. If possible, come with a plan and your own equipment, and be creative!

- Donations to cover expenses (please make cheques payable to “Trident Ploughshares” and post to the address below)

And just as importantly, volunteers to:

- Do publicity in your local area (contact us for flyers and posters)

- Act as a local contact for your area and/or arrange transport down to Reading

- Do press work in your area

- Organise public meetings in your area

- Help with provision of bed space locally for those who need it

On the day of the action itself, we need:

- Drivers with own vehicle; people able to drive minibus.
Please contact Kate in advance:
07748 015 601 E-mail:
- Legal observers (some training will be provided on Sunday)
- Trained first aiders
- People to do gate support, peacekeeping, etc
- Music & other entertainment
- Food + hot & cold drinks (non-alcoholic)
- People to hold banners and placards and support

If you can help with any of the above, please get in touch.

We may be able to provide a speaker to come and talk to your local campaign. Please get in touch to discuss.

For any queries and/or to request a briefing pack, contact:

Telephone: 0845 45 88 361
Mobile: 07804 640 643
E-mail: blockawe[at] ( remove [at] and replace with @ )
or write to: Trident Ploughshares (ML), c/o 15 Zion House, Jubilee St, London. E1 3EN
(also the address to send donations to)

See our website for other information, and to download the briefing pack (as a pdf):

Non-violence and Safety Guidelines

We are committed to acting always in a way that causes no harm to ourselves or others. We ask that everyone taking part in this action respect and follow these guidelines:

- Our attitude will be one of sincerity and respect towards the people we encounter

- We will not engage in physical violence or verbal abuse towards any individual

- We will carry no weapons

- We will not bring or use alcohol or drugs other than for medical purposes

- We will clear the blockade to allow emergency vehicles in or out of the base and then resume the blockade afterwards

Creative activities in keeping with these guidelines are welcome.

For further information about Trident and background to the recent developments at Aldermaston, and ongoing safety problems at AWE Aldermaston and nearby AWE Burghfield, see:

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp(aign)

Nuclear Information Service

Scottish CND

Faslane 365

NukeWatch UK

Block the Builders

Nuclear Awareness Group

AWE’s corporate website

Trident Ploughshares is a campaign to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a non-violent, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner.

"Non-violence is stronger than any weapon. If humanity does not end the atom bomb I do not think the human species can last." - Gandhi, speaking on the day of his assassination

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