Tuesday, 28 October 2008

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Tripod blockade on A340 north of Home Office Gate

Veteran campaigner Pat Arrowsmith joins blockaders and citizens' WMD inspector at Tadley Gate

WMD inspector impeded from conducting essential work by fluoro-jacketed defenders of the military-industrial complex (on overtime payments).

Shalom (peace). Christian Peacemaker Team 'angels' inseparable (literally: hands superglued together!)

Japanese Buddhist nun Marute-anjusan who walked from London Peace Pagoda to Aldermaston drums and chants for peace before Tadley Gate blockaders and mounted police

Ready for any afternoon mischief

Tadley Gate morning action

Mounted police contemplate trampling peaceful protesters

Impressive banner illustrates potted history of nuclear weapons and the birth of CND

Rebel clown takes a nap after a hard day's blockading

Skulls mark the site of the nuclear death factory

Rinky Dink pedal-powered sound system arrives at Tadley Gate. Piglet ready for action.

Talented singers Frankie Armstrong (far left) and David Ferrard (second from left) with friends

Seize the Day keep spirits high with some great sounds

Costly white elephant of the apocalypse

Remnants of earlier concrete blockade on A340 just south of Home Office Gate. The police cutting team has been kept busy!

Procession of witness prays before moving off from Tadley Gate

Christian CND's chilly overnight vigil nears its end on Monday morning

Wrapped up warm
Christian CND banner with peace dove

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(please credit any reuse)

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